Welcome to Purus Filtrotech

We, the Purus team committed to assisting the solution for indoor air pollution controlled by our innovative air filtration system with Electrostatic technology. The Purus taking care of indoor air quality that obtains the air you breathe...

Series 1

Fume Extraction System

The fume extraction systems are specially design for capturing and filtering any kind of dry fumes, welding fumes, buffering and dust collection, soldering fumes, brazing fumes etc.



Series 2

Oil Mists And Smoke Extraction System

Collecting and filtering the oil based fumes and smoke used in various operations like Gear cutting, gear grinding, hobbing, centre less grinding , Oil quenching in heat treatment, Induction Hardening & Heating, EDM’s,Screw Machines etc.


Series 3

Customize Based Systems

The customized based systems are designs for multiple operations which are spreads in various lines, and those lines (welding and / or oil mists applications) are connected through one common fume extraction...


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