Electrostatic Filter System:

The Purus systems are competent for filtering the submicron deficient particles present in the fumes & smoke with high efficiency because of high DC voltage current passes to the electrostatic filter, which is aluminum assembly. The systems are beneficial because of low pressure drops helps and effective on for less power consumption which results on low operating cost as compared with other types of filtration systems. Thus it is one of the identical methods of filtration and collection of fumes and smoke particles from any application. .

   The Electrostatic filters

which is very user friendly and easy to maintain and only to be requiring periodical or scheduled cleaning which resulted in better sustainability in performance and efficiency of the systems with better durability.

As the systems designs as per applications, the fumes & smokes are captured very effectively from the source of generation and then clean & filtered with high efficiency, thus the system helps in complying the requirements of pollution control norms

Effective capture of fumes, smoke and/or mists from individual operation.

Avoids spreading of the fumes all over the shop

Efficient filtration of the fumes

Cleaner, safer & thus more productive working environment

Better compliance for pollution control

Lower operating cost because of lower blower HP

Zero replacement cost

Purus offers various models of electrostatic precipitator depending upon the application, location, operational layout etc. for effective cost-advantage and performance requirements

   The systems are categorized by as per applications:

Series 1

Fume Extraction System

The fume extraction systems are specially design for capturing and filtering any kind of manual and robotic welding dry fumes, CO2- gaseous- spot welding fumes, buffering and grinding dust collection, soldering fumes, brazing fumes, SPMs etc.

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Series 2

Oil mists and smoke extraction system

The oil mists & smoke extraction systems are designed for collecting and filtering the oil based fumes and smoke used in various operations like Gear cutting, gear grinding, hobbing, centre less grinding , Oil quenching in heat treatment, Induction Hardening & Heating, EDMs, Thread Grinding, Screw Machines etc., where oil used as coolant.

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Series 3

Customize based systems

The customized based systems are designs for multiple operations which are spreads in various lines, and those lines (welding and / or oil mists applications) are connected through one common fume extraction / oil mists extraction system for capturing and filtering smoke from individual work stations.

Ranges from 2000 CFM to 20000 CFM

And many more applications where oil mists, smoke, fumes are generated in any process

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